Month: October 2021

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A Little Fantasy

It seems that for the last several months I have been engaged with many things besides photography. Recently, on a trip to Detroit Michigan, I was walking near the Riverwalk Area when I noticed a large sculpture. The setting was interesting, and the thought occurred to me that a whimsical photo might develop here. Below is the composite that came from that thought. A little help from Adobe Photoshop made this possible. If this keeps up, I might eventually improve my compositing skills enough to create interesting art. In the meantime, I will just have some fun!

The Dodge Fountain

The Dodge Fountain in Hart Plaza Detroit has a very intricate and computerized lighting and nozzle functions, which can create countless different configurations. Anna Thompson Dodge, the wife of the late Horace Dodge, an auto pioneer, gave the city $1,000,000 towards the construction of a fountain in the memory of her late husband and son.