The rain has been falling incessantly here in northern Virginia during the last half of July. As a matter of fact, a new record for rainfall in the month of July has been established. When the rain is coming down constantly and local flooding conditions develop it is not exactly a good time for photography! Last weekend during a brief lull in the rain I decided to take some photos of the birds who were visiting the birdfeeder in my yard. Normally I am not a photographer who spends a time photographing nature and wildlife. However, I just wanted to photograph something, so my backyard became my studio.

 Calling Me

I placed my camera on a tripod approximately 5 feet from the birdfeeder and connected my wireless remote trigger. Now, all I had to do was wait for a bird to land. Naturally I waited and waited and birds. Apparently, the birds did not like the food I put in the feeder! So, I went inside and got myself a snack and as I was looking out the window I saw several birds landing on the feeder and chasing each other off! I went back outside and sat on my deck in close enough proximity to fire the shutter remotely. Thankfully, over the next 30 minutes or so I had several birds land on the feeder that led to some pretty good shots, however, you can be the judge of that.

 On the Lookout

Please come back and visit this blog,, to continue following my journey in photography.

Posted by The Gray Bull

Novice photographer using Canon gear. I tend to like photographs of urban scenes. My other interests include casual blogging and travel.

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